Monday, July 31 stop...London...
Just came back to Denmark from Iceland. The trip went much better than expected (I am gifted with a great skill of getting lost). Fortunately Stine was a fanatic on maps and all I had to do was tell her where I wanted to take us and see figured out the "best" possible way......although.....she often didn't realize that the roads in the middle of the country are not worthy of being called roads most of the time. Why I didn't realize that, being born and raced in Iceland, I can not explain at this point, ehemm.
That slowed us down quite a bit but time was one of the things we had the most of...and all that theese bumpy, rocky, lava roads did was bringing us many, many, crazy adventures and breasts hanging quite a bit more then they did before the trip. For a road trip in Iceland I recommend double sports bra for the ladies and the rounded gentlemen.
London will be mine from Wednesday least for August, jííhaaaaaa !

Saturday, July 15

Gone to little Iceland for two weeks.
This time it will be a girls road trip around the country, seeking for lagoons too jump in, mountains to climb and glaciers too touch.
For my two Danish ones sake I hope the whether man will go easy on us and give us as little rain and wind as possible.....I mean it's been raining for months over there it's got to stop at one point......wont it ?!
Oh well no matter what we will be prepared for what ever; rain, snow, storm, sun, blizzard.....bring it on !

Tuesday, July 11


...huggulega fjölskyldan on da beach...

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